SUPERHOT VR crosses 2m million units sold

We forgot to announce platinum last year. Decided to make it a point to not forget this time. 

SUPERHOT VR went double-platinum!


Thank you! We are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help push the envelope of how weird and different VR games can be.

The path that brought us here began with a small game jam experiment nearly 7 years ago. It was long and winding. We’ve seen prototype headsets made from old smartphone parts in a garage. We’ve seen ballooning hype cycles and multi-year troughs of disillusion. We’ve seen $400 standalone headsets surpass $2500 tethered hardware from just a year before. And all along this path, VR has been silently, steadily growing – with more and more of you making the jump from real to virtual each year.

It has grown on the backs of the industry giants – the fantastic and committed platform partners like Oculus, Valve, Sony, and HTC – and the market leaders, like our world-class friends from Beat Games, Owlchemy, Vertigo Games, or Polyarc (to name just a few of the many wonderful studios creating amazing experiences in VR).

As the industry’s grown, so has our studio. Every year so far has been better than the last. SUPERHOT VRs first platinum took nearly two and a half years. The second one was reached in less than half that time.

We’ve stayed independent and we’ve grown and expanded enough to safely continue our video game experiments, prototyping, and core development, while also giving back to the industry through SUPERHOT PRESENTS and IndieBI.

It’s a privilege to be on this journey with you. Here’s to the many more wild and winding paths in front of us.

Thank you,
You’re all incredible,