A standalone expansion to the original SUPERHOT.



It’s our new standalone DLC for SUPERHOT and it is currently in Early Access stage. It brings many exciting features like different characters to play (MINDS), new levels and weapons, new gameplay modes and many more. Current and prospective owners of SUPERHOT on Steam will be entitled to get it for free once it’s released.

So, if SUPERHOT: MCD will be free once released why would I buy it now?

It is completely optional – you can wait for it to be released and enjoy the full experience. We decided to make it available for purchase because it helps us develop the game. Most dedicated players send us their suggestions and feedback, which helps us greatly.

When will MCD be released?

There is no strict date of release that would be set in stone as of yet. All of us still have to wait for a bit before the game hits the market. MCD was conceived as a simple DLC and since then it has evolved into a full game that is, frankly speaking, bigger than the original SUPERHOT. We’re doing the very best we can to offer you a complete, polished experience and that takes time.

Are you gonna release MCD on other platforms?

Right now we are focusing on releasing the full game on PC. It constantly changes and evolves so it would be hard to keep track of it on various platforms. However, once we are happy with the game we’ll be able to consider other platforms.

I found a bug!

Few universal things you can try to fix it: restart the game and your computer, reinstall the game, delete the save files from:

C:\Users\user_name\AppData\LocalLow\SUPERHOT_Team\SHMCD on Windows
HOWEVER, before deleting the whole folder please make a copy of the output.log file as it might come in handy later.

Remember that AppData is a hidden folder, so you have to reveal it by enabling hidden objects in the View tab of your file explorer window.
If it doesn’t help or the issue is not mentioned in this FAQ please contact us at And please include as much information as you can:

  • Which system do you play on?
  • What is your computer specification?
  • Detailed description of the bug – what is happening, when is it happening.
  • Log file found at the following location:
    Windows: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\LocalLow\SUPERHOT_Team\SHMCD\output.log
  • A screenshot or a video would be great.

Is SUPERHOT: MCD meant for VR or will it be?

Right now the game is still in development and it is only available on PC. However, situation with VR would be the same as with SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR – we would have to design the whole game from scratch. And these are very far-reaching plans. We are a small group and can only focus on one project at a time.

Why do my saves keep disappearing?

Please keep in mind that the game is still in early access and it changes constantly. Due to that the saves from the previous patches in most cases do not work with the updated version of the game. Many users had this problem so we’ve decided to delete the save files with every update.
Also, the saves will be deleted with the release of the game so that everyone has equal chances.

The more positive thing is – we’ve added a thingy that allows you to unlock all the game progress so you don’t have to play the game from the beginning every time we release an update. However, this will only work in early access and will not be available once the game is released.

What is the difference between SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT: MCD?

SH: MCD is basically a rogue-like; it has non-linear gameplay which changes with progression in game due to growing difficulty. We have implemented additional MINDs (as we call them), which are new characters with different abilities. There are also new enemies, new weapons, new levels and lots of other cool stuff.

Once MIND CONTROL DELETE releases in earnest, it will be priced same as the other SUPERHOT games for everyone who’s still new to the franchise.