for some of the most exciting projects in video games

It’s been a few months since the release of SUPERHOT. A new office is under construction and it’s due time we start looking for new sets of bright eyes and talented minds!

We are looking for people who share our way of thinking and want to grow in similar directions. We never compromise on quality, we never drop ideas just because they haven’t been done before. We’re not timid. We think big, we work hard and we’re proud of what we create.

We’re currently working a number of ground-shaking new stuff in the SUPERHOT universe. The VR version of SUPERHOT will be coming out as a flagship title for Oculus Touch. A DLC with procedural scenarios is in the works. A couple of our skunkworks projects are set to shake up new domains and industries. Our interests lie in games of all formats-from mobile, through PC to consoles of all styles, shapes and sizes.

We’re gunning to make SUPERHOT a landmark name in popculture of our times.


Except for the fact that you will be working on some of the most badass games of the year:

  • Competitive salary (pfff of course).
  • Excellent, creative teammates.
  • Helping hands with relocating to the exciting city of Lodz.
  • Working hours adjusted to your needs and work habits.
  • Snacks, food and sports, so you can burn all those snacks.

Where is SUPERHOT ?

We are located in Lodz. An awesome, student-filled city in the very middle of Poland with an ever growing gamedev scene.

Want to party after work? Lodz has got some of the best choice of pubs, clubs and bars in Poland. Oh you are the cultural one? We got that covered too. Lots of museums, streetart galleries and art events can be found here. Ok so you just want to chill close to nature? We got them trees! Take a short walk in whatever direction you choose and sooner or later you will find yourself in a one of the many parks.

If you are The One please fill out the survey above. We’ll get in touch and talk. :)