How can I contact you?
If you cannot find the answer to your question here or in any other place on the Internet, or you’d just like to write us some message please email us at

I don’t move, yet time moves very slooowly. How come?
You do have pulse, right? We hope you do. If so, you always move. Very slightly, but still – you do. If you have no pulse at the moment, please call help immediately. Stop reading that. CALL HELP!

I want to work with you badly, you’re so cool. How can I get in?
Thank you very much! We think you’re cool too. Please head to our Jobs page and see what’s in store for you. Apply today; all details can be discussed in the process.

Why aren’t your games free?
The thing is – they really should not be free. Simply put, we are people and to make the games that you seem to like quite a lot, we have to be sure that this job will cover our basic life needs. Making games completely for free would lead to us having to look for something else to do in life and there would be no more SUPERHOT.
So, though it is your choice whether our games are worth it, it is quite evident for us that games generally cannot be handed out for free if we wish to get more games in future.

Can I buy physical versions of your games? I like boxes.
Physical copies of our games are quite scarce and we do not really carry the distribution, so you’ll need to look for them yourself and if there is nothing available, that would mean that probably you’d have to wait for some (possible) reissuing. If you can get by without physical boxes, we advise taking a look at all the different platforms you can get our games on!

Is there any SUPERHOT mobile game?
Not for now, no. Not yet at least. We, the SUPERHOT Team, have not developed a single SUPERHOT mobile game. There are some games that are eerily similar in style and even name, but these are not our products.

How did it all start? What is the genesis of SUPERHOT?
With an idea and a very limited timeframe of 7DFPS gamejam – you can learn more about it here.

Are your games supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?
Yeah, they’re pretty awesome.