2020 Was Bad But We Did Good

Or at least we did ok?

Hello there friends. What a wild year 2020 was. Daaaamn.

It should come as no shock that life at SUPERHOT got flipped upside down in 2020. It all went from 0 to 100 within days. The team switched to full remote mode. We stole all the toilet paper from the office and continued to work from our homes. As much as it was a disruptive year, we think we managed to actually accomplish loads and wanted to tell you all about it. Let’s get to it.

Ho-Ho-Ho Becomes Slow-Slow-Slow.

Instead of starting this recap at the start of the year (boring), let’s begin with the latest and greatest news dropping today.

We’re launching a free, all-new, holiday-themed game-mode for SUPERHOT VR. It’s live right now. A little gift from us to you. We’re calling it the Boxing Day update. It a brand new endless level, a new scoring system, and a suitably festive soundtrack.

The Boxing Day update also features an exlusive leaderboard to show off your holiday survival skills. Get points for punching, dodging, headshots, style shots, and much more – and see how you stack up against your friends and enemies! 

To gain access to the Boxing Day update, those who finished SUPERHOT VR should load the Endless floppy disk in the Hacker Room and select the Christmas Tree.

Stop reading, go play it on PlayStation VR, HTC Viveport, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift or Steam. Festive fun for all.

We’re also dropping a massive patch for PSVR today with loads of fixes, improvements and optimizations. PC players get a similar bunch of improvements too. We do like to keep all our games loved and cared for. 

Sharper graphics, more performance, better than ever before!

Way back In October we shipped a big update for SUPERHOT VR on Quest. We made a cool trailer. We fixed bugs, improved many things, and added support for super-smooth 90Hz. The game is now sharper looking and players better than ever before. If you are curious, go read all about how easy it was for us to get SUPERHOT running on the original Quest here.

SUPERHOT VR has also just turned 4 years old! Like all sensible people, we shot some cool drone footage to celebrate. SUPERHOT turned 4 way back in February. They grow up so fast. 2020 did give us SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE though, the newest (and biggest!) member of the SUPERHOT family.

More story, more signature gameplay, more SUPERHOT.

Way back in July MIND CONTROL DELETE was released to the world. This was a huge milestone for the team but bittersweet as we had to celebrate on Zoom which sucked. After 3 years of development over 2 million SUPERHOT owners received MCD completely for free. We managed to release MCD while in full home office mode. That was a stressful yet amazingly fulfilling experience. Looking at the sheer volume of fanart and memes fans seemed to love it.

In an effort to help make sure everybody in the world plays a SUPERHOT game, we brought MCD to both Stadia and Xbox Game Pass. MCD on Switch should arrive early next year.

Waaaaay back in April we helped launch The Procession to Calvary, followed by Teenage Blob, both titles that received funding from our lovely SUPERHOT PRESENTS initiative. We also gave a bunch of money to some other exciting indie titles this year. We can’t talk about them just yet. They’re cool though. We never had a publisher and are fiercely indie so it’s nice to pay it back when we can.

We might have done cool things in January, February, or even March but that feels like a lifetime ago so we can’t be sure. 

From a boring business point of view, 2020 was fantastic, the best year yet. Our games sold more copies than ever before. We’re honestly amazed at the endless love and support from our ever-growing community. 

Thank you for being a continuously awesome community. Please come say hi on Discord anytime. You supported us and gave us the strength to push through 2020.

Everyone at SUPERHOT sincerely wishes you a most excellent and triumphant 2021 ❤️. 

Happy Holidays