SUPERHOT is a unique, stylish first-person shooter game where time moves only when you move.

With this simple mechanic we've been able to create gameplay that's not all about reflexes - the player's main weapon is careful aiming and smart planning - while not compromising on the dynamic feeling of the game.

Take your time. You have as much as you want.

It started out as a 7 Day First Person Shooter (7DFPS) game jam project made by a group of friends in August 2013. After releasing the prototype of SUPERHOT to the Internet, it quickly became very popular - the game was featured on sites like RPS, PCGamer, GiantBomb and more!.

Thanks to the support of our fans, SUPERHOT went through the Steam Greenlight process during a single weekend. This allowed us to expand the team and start remaking the prototype into a full-blown game.

On May 14th, 2014 we launched a Kickstarter campaign which was funded within the first 23 hours. In the end we received over $250,000 from our community - many thanks to all who backed SUPERHOT!

The game's target release date is June 2015.

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